Madman's Gully Wines


Grapes are produced from a 1 acre vineyard on a north facing slope at an elevation of 580m. The vineyard was planted in 2009 to Syrah on a number of different rootstock using a very old French clone from the Grampians region. The soil is a red clay loam, free draining but with good water holding capacity and straw mulch is laid undervine to increase organic matter levels. Vines are trellised to arched cane to promote even budburst and ripening and are irrigated when required. Grapes are usually hand harvested in the third week of March ripening to sugar levels between 13 - 13.5 baume. Vines are low yielding, producing around 3.0 kg of grapes each resulting in an average of 2.1 ton/acre.

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31 Newbound Lane
Beechworth, Victoria 3747

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