PROJECT Forty Nine


The tale of Project Forty Nine begins at the entrance of the property ‘49 Ressom Lane, Beechworth’. Project Forty Nine is a commitment to the land; it is where daily inspirations take place and it is the foundation of future journeys. 2012 Project Forty Nine Chardonnay is the first project, with fruit sourced from a neighbouring vineyard, handpicked and adeptly crafted; the focus of Project Forty Nine wine is an expression of “there”. Place is everything in wine, it is what creates the story. Project Forty Nine is about sourcing small parcels of fruit which are carefully selected, consequently limited in quantity. It is about making opportunities to work intimately with clientele and is integral to the personality of this Project.

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49 Ressom Lane
Beechworth, Victoria 3747

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Our Food & Wine Store is open Wednesday-Monday at 46 – 48 Ford Street, Beechworth

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